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Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisals
Independent, Third-Party USPAP Compliant Appraisals

Do you know how much your equipment is worth?

Alliance Machinery and Equipment Appraisals provides independent, third-party, USPAP compliant appraisals for use by Bank Lenders, Attorneys, CPA's, Business Owners, Sellers, and Buyers.

Our appraisers are Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers, CMEA, by the NEBB Institute. The NEBB Institute adopts and complies with the regulations and ethics rules of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). They endorse and strive to observe the highest standards of professional ethics to preserve the public trust inherent in the professional appraisal practice.

Why is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal important?

A Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) delivers an independent comprehensive Certified Machinery And Equipment Appraisal Report that is irrefutable, defensible and withstands scrutiny because it is based on comparables and market research. A CMEA delivered Report eliminates your risk and liability associated with the appraisal of machinery and equipment. The benefits are explained in more detail if you click on the link below if you are a:

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Appraisal Purpose:

Construction Equipment Appraisals

AMEA appraises construction equipment.

Machine Shop Equipment Appraisals

AMEA appraises machine shop equipment.

IT Equipment Appraisals

AMEA appraises IT Equipment

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items we appraise.

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