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Equipment Appraisal Request for Quote

Receive a Confidential, No-Obligation quote. The first step is to determine the type of appraisal required, an On-Site Appraisal or a Desktop Appraisal.

Desktop Equipment Appraisals

Desktop Equipment Appraisals have the same certification level, are court tested, substantiated and irrefutable just as an onsite appraisal with 2 differences:

  1. You collect and provide us with basic information we need to do an appraisal such as the Make, Model, Year/Age, Condition, etc.
  2. You save and pay less.

Desktop appraisals are widely used and accepted and will provide you with the same equipment values as you would receive with an Onsite Appraisal. Our Desktop Appraisals are defensible, court-tested, and have been used by Banks, the IRS, and the SBA.

Major Benefits of a Desktop Appraisal

  • Much Lower Cost
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Same Certification as an Onsite Appraisal

When a Desktop Appraisal is NOT Recommended

  • When no one is available to collect the information on the equipment
  • When 3rd party verification of the equipment is required

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On-Site Appraisal

The appraiser will visit the location where the equipment is located, visually inspect the equipment and photograph it on location. Then the appraiser will still research the items to be appraised and write the appraisal report.

Not sure which type of appraisal you need? We can discuss it with you.
Both types of appraisals will be certified and comply with USPAP.

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